Zombie Readiness Task Force

Humans vs Zombies

Thanks everyone who played Humans vs Zombies this quarter! We had the highest number of players yet, topping 200, and some crazy scary zombie action throughout.

Thanks to Real Snake (Christopher Dewing) for delivering an awesome lead zombie performance.

We are in the process of colleting guns from everyone who rented them so either you'll be gettting a visit from the Lieutenant at some point or you can come to some future gun drop offs.

Next game will probably be 8th week of winter quarter. Stay tuned!

For info about registration and rules, check this page out.

Academic Building Battle

During every game of Humans vs Zombies we take a Saturday off from fearing for our lives (or trying to take lives if you're a zombie) and have a massive nerf gun battle in one of UChicago's academic buildings.

This event is unrelated to HvZ so even if you aren't playing (which you should be) you can join the fun. We always have guns to rent out if you don't already have one and we always have food.

Theories of International Politics and Zombies

On January 26th, 2011, ZRTF led its members to Daniel W. Drezner's talk on Theories of International Politics and Zombies in downtown Chicago. Needless to say, it was among the most hilarious talks that we've attended.

Learn more about the event itself at: The Chicago Council